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March 16th Meeting

March 13, 2020

Update 03/15/2020 at 15:53


CAP TX-409 Cadets and Parents,


Per the following message from Col Schroder, the Texas Wing Commander, we are cancelling our regular Monday meeting for March 16. Stand by for further info. Capt Stone and I consider our cadets' opportunities to promote and learn to be mission critical to the good health and advancement of our squadron. In that spirit, our unit's senior leadership and cadet leadership will confer to come up with an appropriate plan for moving forward in the next two months.


From Col Schroder's message:

"Any CAP gathering that can be postponed without negatively impacting CAP’s mission readiness or emergency services capabilities should be postponed until after 11 May 2020.  Distance learning/virtual methods should be used to the maximum extent possible when mission readiness training is required.  Proficiency flying, flight evaluations, and other one-on-one flight instruction between a single student and instructor may continue in accordance with current CAP procedures if it is in compliance with any temporary restrictions on airport access and travel restrictions established by state or local agencies.  Members are encouraged to use the time away from CAP physical gatherings to focus on online training and hold virtual meetings whenever possible."


Stay safe and healthy, and watch your email and GroupMe for further updates.




Lt. Col Huckabay




Parents and Cadets,

At this time we are continuing with our scheduled meetings. Monday, 16 March will proceed as planned. For those who want to keep their cadets home, please know we understand. It will not count against them. For those who plan to send their cadets to Monday's meeting and the remaining meetings in March and April, please make sure neither you nor your cadets are exhibiting cold or flu symptoms. Pollen is a problem right now, so we expect a few wheezes and sneezes. As usual, the cadets will practice good hygiene during the meeting.


Lt Col Huckabay

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